Parent Resources

parent-resourcesFamily Communication

Daily information sheets are reports that will highlight what your child did throughout the day. These forms are offered in our Preschool Discovery classroom and are completed daily. “What we did today forms” are  used in our Preschool and Pre- K classrooms.


Parent Teacher Conferences

We understand the importance of knowing your child’s progress. We offer parent-teacher conferences at least 3 times a year to discuss your child’s behavioral and academic progress. As your child reaches each developmental milestone, our highly trained staff can be used as a resource guide to answer any questions you may have.


Family Engagement

Family Engagement is a necessary component in Early Childhood Education. Through our participation in the Maryland Excels program, we are committed to:

  • promoting family well being
  • promoting positive parent/child relationships
  • supporting engagement in classrooms transitions
  • connecting family to peers